Fine Art Gallery
Alfred-Reinhardt-Strasse 60
06132 Halle / Saale



„A painting must resound and be bathed in an inner glow.”

Painting is a thunderous collision of different worlds and a work of art comes into being in the same way as the cosmos – through a series of cataclysms which finally, out of the chaotic roar of the instruments, form a symphony called the music of spheres. The creation of a work is the creation of a world." W. Kandinsky

German HiGH Class Fine Art

Art, that is not artificial.
The sense of truthfulness expressed through what is left unsaid.
A colourful labyrinth or a labyrinth of colours – endless corridors of reflections, curves and tunnels. They lead you via a route into the unknown and you go along, instinctively trust every new variant of this route – after all there is such a large variety ... Purple, amber, azure blue or simply red, yellow and blue. Those are colours that you will recognise but as soon as they cease to be mere colours you will enter a new dimension, in which these colours talk to you – in a language that only you can understand. You will speak beyond the borders of this language – right into boundlessness. The infinity of reality, grasped by the reality of infinity. Iridescent, defined by an obscure complexity of its intrinsic melody, each line or stroke is engraved into your heart and soul. The acute mechanism of the eye mercilessly dissects it into the components of colour scale, forms and compositions, while the inner eye makes you forget everything you know, as it is no sidetracked by complex constructs of theoretic considerations of fundamentals and techniques, rules and exceptions... Nothing is of significance any longer, only this one moment – the moment when your eyes are revelling and your being is but an interaction between yourself and a painting.

Feelings and thoughts are the starting point of true art. Such emotions send us into a world of quests – a quest for ourselves, for knowledge, a quest for inexplicability. We attempt to provide a material body to these thoughts and feelings, to make them tangible – in an object, a form, a colour. As if they were the creators of an artefact – the creators of art. They are precisely the connection between reality and illusion. And if you go deeper, you will realise that this thought is, but a mediator, a message from the universe, from the reason which is truth. And, if you leave this thought in its original state, unaffected by definitions and not limited by a shaping, then you can merge in the stream of colours with all-embracing of the great, of the spiritual. Once you have experienced this depth, this completeness of true art, you will never let it go. This is a spring that nourishes, saturates, fosters thriving - this is the infinity.

Infinity is the radiance of these works. Infinities are the creations of meaning that occur again and again.
Infinity is the silence - iridescent, absolute - it remains after you immerse into these colours, combinations and transitions: It is no longer important what the artist wanted to say, although the reverence for her work is great. The only thing that is important is what the artist wanted you to feel and hear.

And suddenly you realize: Everything is within you! You attentively view the paintings and it feels as if you are wandering through a valley of transformations, followed your originality, where there are no words – only art. Your whole being is craving for it because each of the pictures harbours this iridescent light – the truthfulness of self-awareness.

This Gallery is a gallery of senses, facets, flows. Continuity and immeasurableness. When you discover it for yourself you will come closer to the altar of your own soul. You will understand the unknown worlds of this art which leads to inner peace and that is all that matters. The VERITABLE has awoken. The truthful even. That which is worth being understood. Which should be experienced. Which gives a new meaning to your day. This a rendezvous with infinity, discover it for yourself – there is eternity and millions of galaxies. See, feel, comprehend and commit. Then you will find the infinite light, explosion and flying, iridescent shining and blossoming, the calming layer of something original and eternal. And what is still to come are the strokes that transcend the centuries. Pull this curtain aside - and you'll feel the scent of eternity ... enjoy it!